1854 Concepts

We provide consultancy with expertise in desktop delivery in the Trading Room, product design and the day to day operation of small businesses.

What we can do for you

We provide help, advice and support to organisations with Trading Rooms that are looking to invest in new technology to maximise the Trader's efficiency.

With years of experience in product design we can help you make the right decisions with your product development.

Starting a business is easy, running a business profitably and efficiently is far more difficult. The experience gathered taking a business from zero to an annual turnover of over GBP 4million in just over 10 years can help your business.

Our name is our aim

What's in a name? Many years ago over a good meal with friends and colleagues in Hong Kong the discussion turned to local cultures and beliefs. The significance of numbers to the Chinese people especially the Cantonese speakers was obvious. In homage to my friends in the Far East I chose to express the company aim using the Cantonese interpretation of numbers.

Our aim is to provide solutions, advice and help that is 'sure to prosper' and 'never die' to help you prosper in the short and long term.